scam? scam? absolutely not, it is a about helping consumers who are in debt and simply require help. scam? is here to give you the evidence to beat them.

Once the debt collection company has purchased your debt (for around 10% of its value) they need to contact you.

Now bear in mind these debt collection companies are well oiled machines worth $ millions. They are experts in chasing, collecting and harassing you into paying them. Nothing happens by mistake, every aspect has been carefully prepped, scripted and taught to staff.

First of all, understand they purchase 1000’s of debts at a time. All details are logged into a database and a computer regularly churns out automated responses to you. These may be signed off by a real name, however, it is a computer. For example, if Lion Finance is chasing you, then every email is signed off by a bloke called ‘Kash”. Kash doesn’t exist.

Call Centre Staff

Secondly, the staff at these call centres, have a daily target they have to reach with calls and emails. They are called KPI’s (Key performance indicators), if the staff fails to hit targets, they are sacked.

All the staff have scripts in front of them. They have been carefully worded to instill fear into the consumer, by use of fictitious job titles and threats of losing car/home etc

You are NOT talking to someone in the legal dept. Legal do not speak on the phone to consumers all day, they are working.

They have NO legal powers, they are call centre workers.

They CANNOT threaten you, they simply need to hit their daily targets.

They are a DEBT COLLECTION COMPANY, ofcourse they are going to lie and manipulate you, it is their JOB.They will tell you anything they wish. They do not have access to legal records, disputes, or lodged actions against the debt itself.