Request Written Information about your debt Template Letter

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Before I start though, I know there are lot of people being chased at all hours at home and work for large debts, that are endlessly growing. If you are stressed and need help to simply resolve the debt, there are several tactics you can use and Ive helped 100’s over the past 4years beat these companies. Please use the, ‘Contact Us Now‘ form on the right hand side and send me an email with your current situation and I will help you. I will reply to everybody, thanks.

Your Name

Your Address




Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Alleged debt

I/We refer to your letter/phone call on (date) in which you claimed a debt of (amount) was owed.

To assist me/us to obtain advice about your claim please provide the following documents:

1. Copy of contract relating to the alleged debt.

2. Copies of any account statements from (date) to (date).

3. Details of how the amount of the debt was calculated.

Please forward this information to the above address.

Please note that in requesting the above documents and information, I/we am/are not

acknowledging any liability for any amount alleged to be outstanding on the alleged


Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)


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